A Lovecraftian Sci-Fi Thriller


Jason Spisak

Jason Spisak is well known to industry insiders as one of the top voice-acting artists in the United States (appearing in DC’s Young Justice as Kid Flash, Batman: Hush as the Joker, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars: Clone Wars and countless others), but he also has an impressive on-screen credit list, including Piranha 3-D, Lie To Me, NCIS and more. As Dr. Ryan Winrich, he delivers a subtly haunting performance as a man caught
between times (and sometimes dimensions).

James Morrison

An actor, writer, musician and director in his own right, James Morrison is known around the world for his work on the hit FOX series, 24, as well as roles in cult favorites like The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone, Space: Above and Beyond and dozens of others. In INTERSECT, he delivers a heartfelt performance as Bill, the kindly mentor that befriends the young scientists and encourages them to reach their full potential.

Abe Ruthless

As Dr. Nathan Beaumont, Abe Ruthless is the heart of INTERSECT. Bringing a roguish style to the screen reminiscent of a young Harrison Ford, Ruthless is at once charming and disarming as he injects himself into the lives of the other characters – both in his own time and in others where he does not belong. Ruthless is famous for being a member of numerous punk bands in the Hollywood area and can be seen in many films and shows, including Tony Scott’s Domino, the cult favorite It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 2 Broke Girls, and many more.

Jose Rosete

Jose Rosete is one of the hardest working independent actors in Los Angeles. With over 330 acting credits to his name, Rosete has appeared in a wide array of shows and movies, including The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks: The Return, Any Given Sunday, The Mentalist, Three Kings and countless more. Typically known for playing the tough guy, his role as the religious zealot Abner Rosen in INTERSECT was a unique change for this talented actor.

Leeann Dearing

Leeann got her big break as the spokeswoman and lead model for GoDaddy back in 2009. From there she appeared in numerous commercials and films, even playing alongside Will Farrell in 2010’s Everything Must Go. In INTERSECT, she portrays the troubled scientist, Dr. Caitlin Webb, who continually grapples with scientific curiosity while fighting to mitigate the self-inflicted tragedies of those around her.

Richard Dawkins

A legend in the field of science, Richard Dawkins lends his voice to INTERSECT in the role of the Quantum 42 artificial intelligence computer. Always iconoclastic and brilliant, Dawkins met the INTERSECT team while working together on the documentary The Unbelievers (also directed by Gus Holwerda). Intrigued by the possibilities of time travel, he lent his unmistakable voice to the project and became the voice of the time machine itself.

"Most people live life between the moments; never truly seeing what is right in front of them until the moment is gone." -Bill Marshall


"The Lament Configuration of Lovecraftian films."

James Tucker, Rue-Morgue Magazine

"Intersect is remarkable! A thought provoking new Sci-Fi classic is born!"

Mark S. Allen, ABC TV

...has the potential to be the greatest Lovecraftian movie ever.

The Weirdling